Visit NYC's hidden gem City Island to experience a scenic fishing village

A little fishing village on an island off the Bronx is often considered a hidden gem of New York City.
City Island has a boatload of seafood spots, bringing you a seaside feel even in the winter months.
If you're looking for something to warm you up during a chilly trip, a cup of coffee at Clipper Coffee will do the trick. They have fresh pastries too, some even baked in house.
You can clutch your hot cup as you wander through town and discover the wonders City Island has to offer. Only 1.5 miles from tip to tip, you can easily walk by every park, scenic view and eclectic shops.
The Kaleidoscope Gallery has jewelry that will remind you of the sparkle of the island and pieces that you won't find anywhere else. J.W. Foley Rarities and Obscurities is an antique shop that's a blast from the past.
Safety measures for COVID-19 are in place in shops across the village, like masks being required and outdoor dining to help you safely get away.