Mayor: Social distancing is more important than ever as warm weather approaches

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that May will be a decisive month when it comes to the coronavirus.
He said the city made great changes to help curve the spread of the virus in April, and hopes May will continue to flatten the curve.
He addressed that warm weather on the horizon could make it harder to practice social distancing, but says it is more important than ever to remain distant.
On Thursday alone, 2,637 confirmed new cases and 202 deaths were reported. The mayor stressed the city must remember that even though numbers are lowering, the numbers should still show New York City is still in the middle of a battle.
“There’s no question in my mind we’re winning this fight, the bad news is we have not yet won,” says Mayor de Blasio.
The mayor says the key to getting to low-level transmission is by staying home, social distancing and testing.
He says the next phase of testing must include test and trace in every community, which will include immediate assessment, isolation and support at home for the confirmed case.