'We are a community of immigrants' – Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ group wants to help refugees in NYC

A Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ group is looking to provide resources and support for refugees and asylum seekers in New York City.
Violette Matevosian is the development coordinator for RUSA LGBTQ. Matevosian left Russia in 2020 and sought asylum in the U.S. and founded the inclusive network in New York.
"We are a community of immigrants. We are a community of refugees and asylum seekers, and we have to support the other people like the Ukrainians because they are the most vulnerable right now," says Matevosian.
RUSA organizes events and concerts to raise awareness for the Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ community like the Pride Parade in Brighton Beach in May.
They also offer free legal support and housing to help those seeking refuge.