'We need the national government to stand up!' Mayor urges action to give migrants legal right to work

Mayor Eric Adams urged the federal government Thursday during a rally to give asylum seekers the ability to work and obtain the American dream.
Adams was joined by asylum seekers, union leaders and elected officials. They called for immediate action to give migrants the ability to work legally and provide for their families. They say they won't let the issue divide New York City or the country.
"We need the national government to stand up! This is not a New York City issue," says Adams. "This is a national issue! Don't sit in the bleachers and be a detached spectator on this full contact sport called asylum seekers. Get on the field and fight this battle with us."
It comes as more than 107,000 migrants have entered the city's shelter system since last spring. City officials say in the last two weeks, 7,000 additional migrants arrived.
The mayor also said that a real decompression strategy is needed at the border, adding that New York City deserves better. He says if the government can't get things right with asylum seekers in the city, then it won't be able to get it right anywhere across the country.
Adams' demand is backed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, who met with President Joe Biden on Wednesday to discuss the matter. Hochul says the plan would help migrants move into permanent housing.