We’re Open: Michelle's Maccs in Hunts Point

A Bronx business owner who had to halt production once before found a way to keep her sweets shop up and running amid the pandemic.
Michelle Goldberg, the founder and owner of Michelle's Maccs in Hunts Point, relaunched her business in June of 2019. When the pandemic hit in 2020, she refused to stop making her bite-sized treats, called Maccs.
"We had about 200 orders in front of us and the people in the bakery shut their bakery down," Goldberg says. "We had to stop everything right then, and there I was freaking out, I didn't know what we were going to do."
Goldberg says she knocked on some doors across Hunts Point before she found a new space to make her Maccs.
"I drove a box truck for the first time myself, got my stuff from the other bakery [and] moved in," she says.
This wasn't the first time a tragic event threatened her business. Goldberg was hit by a car shortly after first launching Michelle's Maccs years ago.
"I couldn't walk, and I recuperated and made sure I did rehab properly and I knew that when I was ready to go again that I wanted to launch and make the Maccs again," she says.
Goldberg says her Maccs are reimagined macaroons that come in 12 different flavors.
"They are nice and chewy inside, crunchy on the outside and then they are covered in three different flavors of velvet chocolate," she says.
Goldberg says she's grateful her business was able to stay open throughout the pandemic.