We’re Open: Pasta Louise

Opening a business is no easy undertaking but trying to open one in the middle of a pandemic comes with even more challenges.
Fresh pasta is made from scratch every day at Pasta Louise. Owner Allison Arevalo shared some of the tasty dishes with News 12.
"The food feels fresh. We use lots of local ingredients and lots of organic ingredients. It doesn't feel heavy like an Italian meal can feel sometimes,” said Arevalo.
The restaurant’s April opening was halted by the coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, Arevalo started making fresh pasta at home and selling it to neighbors from her stoop.
It was so popular, she says she would make 65 pounds twice a week and sold out in minutes.
She says that served as an introduction to what her restaurant would offer.
"People would love the walk to come pick up their bag and we would chat from far away for a few minutes. So when I opened, people just got really excited to have that connection and to like see me here,” said Arevalo.
Finally opening in July, the restaurant continues selling fresh pasta kits that you can add sauce and a bottle of wine to. Pasta Louise is named after Arevalo’s grandmother.
"She taught me about cooking, about food, about the importance of family,” said Arevalo.