'We simply cannot keep going on like this': Bronx council member responds to in-office shooting

Bronx Council Member Rafael Salamanca Jr. says he and his team were shaken up when a bullet came shattering through his office Monday.
The council member for the 17th District says he was helping a constituent at the time of the shooting. He says they scrambled for cover but that no one in the office was hurt.
"They are shaking, you know. No one expects to experience some type of gun violence while you're at work, especially at a council member's office, but it happened," Salamanca said.
The shooting happened around 2 p.m. Monday, a time when the council member says the streets were full of people. Four staffers were in the office and a constituent. One constituent left the office just moments before the shooting.
Salamanca added that police from the 41st Precinct responded and found six bullet casings near Hoe Avenue and 165th Street.
Salamanca said in a statement:
"While no one was injured, my team and I are deeply shaken by this incident. New Yorkers should not have to worry about the dangers of guns while walking down the street or being in their place of work. We simply cannot keep going on like this."
Salamanca says despite efforts from community organizations and the NYPD, gun violence is tearing apart neighborhoods. He went on to thank the officers and the detectives of the 41st Precinct who responded to the incident.
He said he did give his staff some time off, but that this act of violence wouldn't stop him from providing services to the community.