Weather to Watch: Hot and humid with possible scattered, flooding downpours

NOW: Storms are popping up across the Hudson Valley and producing lightning and heavy rain. Localized flooding is possible with these until about 9 p.m.
NEXT: Afternoon storms are possible through the weekend. Not as hot but still very humid with more clouds than sunshine.

TONIGHT: Mainly cloudy. Storms ending by 11 p.m., but a stray shower is possible overnight. Muggy with lows around 73. 

SATURDAY: Weather to Watch - Sun and clouds. Mainly dry early, but pop-up storms are possible after 2 p.m. A few could produce heavy rain. Highs around 88 - still humid. Lows around 74. 
SUNDAY: Weather to Watch HEAT ALERT - Sun and clouds - chance for a spotty shower or storm. A few could produce heavy rain. Highs around 90. It can feel like near 100 degrees. Lows around 76. 

MONDAY: HEAT ALERT - Sun and clouds with a spotty shower or storm in the afternoon. Highs around 93. Feels like 100 degrees.