Weekend block party in Clinton Hill honors Biggie Smalls

A block party in Clinton Hill is being held this weekend to celebrate the life of legendary rapper Biggie Smalls.
Christopher Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls or The Notorious BIG, was born and raised in Brooklyn. The festivities in his honor are being held along Christopher Wallace Way. The street, often called, “Biggie’s Block,” is on Saint James Place between Fulton and Gates avenues.
Christopher Wallace Way was co-named after the rapper in a ceremony in June. But after rainy weather tainted the event, hip-hop and entertainment magazine The Source is hosting a party for his fans to have another chance to celebrate in remembrance.
Speakers on mental health, a marching band and some live performances will be present at the event.
Activities will continue throughout the rest of the weekend and end with a street fair in Harlem on Sunday.
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