'We're able to get them a system.' R.A.I.N. Boston Road Senior Center to get new van

The seniors at the R.A.I.N. Boston Road Senior Center will be receiving a new van, Council Member Marjorie Velazquez announced.
Velazquez says $50,000 will be allocated to get the van and that good and dependable transportation is important for the senior community.  
“What we need is better reliable, safer services,” said Velazquez. “And this is a way to do that, and ensure our families are comfortable in knowing that their loved one is being taken care of. That they have a safe way of being transported.” 
The van will be used to carry seniors to and from the center and will provide them opportunities for trips around the Bronx community. The van will also help seniors make appointments needed for medical purposes.  
Program director Iris Bonhomme says this will make traveling more manageable for members, especially those who use wheelchairs or walkers.  
"It means so much, because those members that are older and fragile that cannot take transportation on their own, we're able to get them a system,” said Bonhomme. “We're able to get them at their home and bring them up." 
Velazquez said the R.A.I.N. center should be receiving the van some time in the fall or winter.