We're Open: Jimmy's Grand Café

It's been a whirlwind year for a restaurant that's been in the Bronx for decades.
Jimmy's Grand Café in Castle Hill isn't serving customers on-site, but the owners are cooking up something new for when they can return.
The owner says the restaurant started to open its doors in September at 25% capacity, but all indoor dining was shut down across New York City by December.
Jimmy's Grand Café also used a parking lot throughout the summer into the fall for outdoor dining. However, the snowstorm in December damaged the tent they had set up. So now, they're relying only on pick-up and deliveries.
The owners say they were forced to cut the staff by about half.
Still, the restaurant plans to add some Mediterranean flavor to a menu already full of favorites, like the popular "Dominican Breakfast" and "Taco Tuesday" special.
They plan to offer the new options when customers can enjoy them on-site. Until then, owners say it is the ongoing loyalty of their customers that's allowing the business to survive.