We're Open: Negril BK adapts to winter season to continue bringing island food experience to Park Slope

A Caribbean restaurant in Park Slope has adjusted to the colder temperatures, and they're now ecstatic to be offering indoor dining as well.
Negril BK is continuing to provide customers with those island vibes during these cold winter months.
For months, the restaurant has been offering outdoor dining with individual enclosed tables consisting of heaters above and also on the tables. And now the owners are excited to welcome customers back inside too.
"We cannot wait to provide that great experience indoors that we have also been providing outdoors, and great drinks, great atmosphere and one love across the board," says Malissa Brown.
Negril BK has three separate rooms inside and plenty of space for tables to be six feet apart.
"We are quite fortunate to have such a huge space," Brown says.
The owners are also putting safety first.
"We have done a lot as far as changing to hepa filters, getting pure air quality in here as well, and just making sure that our sanitizing procedures are well in effect," Brown says.
"We have temperature checks, we sanitize after every table is gone, We sanitize before they sit down, we have separate bathrooms for our guests," explains Andre Honore.
The owners say it's been really difficult only being able to offer dining outside, especially on days when it snowed.
"We try to say 'OK, how heavy is the snow going to be?' There so many different factors because at the end of the day we still have rent to pay, we still have bills to pay, and we still have our staff to pay, and we want to make sure that we are here and that we are going to last as long as we possibly can," Brown says.
The owners say it means so much to them to be able to provide more customers with the unique Negril BK experience.
"I think this space is pretty special with being able to create that vibe in here. I think we have the energy our staff has the energy i think it's just a vibe that lives in this building," Honore says.