Westchester County, Yonkers planning $20 million waterfront park in city's southwest section

A park with a waterfront view will soon come to Southwest Yonkers thanks to a large investment from the city and county.
The city is partnering with Westchester County on a $20 million project to transform a vacant lot on Fernbrook Street to a park along the scenic Hudson River.
"We're taking a significant piece of the water’s edge on the Hudson River and giving it back to the people,” says Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.
Although plans aren’t finalized, the park could include an amphitheater, boat slips and a playground.
Officials tell News 12 that the park will be at least 2-3 acres. The city plans to purchase a neighboring lot, which currently serves as a bus depot.
The new addition in progress brings something positive to the southwest neighborhood, which has dealt with odor issues stemming from the county’s Wastewater Treatment plant for years.
"If we are good enough to process more than 50% of sewage from the county, we are good enough to start enjoying this beautiful river,” says Legislator Jose Alvarado.
Leaders are also urging federal funding to update the facility since it lies next to the future county park.
"We can make it a much more mixed-used area friendly to pedestrians, friendly to neighbors,” says Yonkers resident Ruth Montgomery.
News 12 is told the long-term goal is to create a walkway from the park to downtown Yonkers.