What's Cool at School: PS 179 students raise trout in the classroom

A Kensington school is taking hands-on learning to a whole new level, tossing aside the books for some trout.
While most students usually have their heads in the books, the students at P.S. 179 have their heads right up against the fish tank, monitoring the growth of their trout.

“I'm a big supporter of hands-on education and getting your hands dirty and wet," says teacher Diane Corrigan.

Corrigan applied for a grant program with the Watershed Forestry Institute for Teachers to bring trout into her classroom.

"We started out with approximately 1,000 eggs and now we have about 120 fish in our tank,” says Corrigan.

Since November, the students have been taking care of the fish, even measuring their growth.

Students in the class tell News 12 they learned how to care for something other than themselves and also where our water comes from, and how much we rely on plants and animals.

On April 15, they'll be heading to Westchester County on a school trip to let their trout free.