What's Cool at School: Virtual Enterprise Program at I.S. 259

Some middle school students are looking to hone their business skills while using the best the 21st century has to offer.
From the outside, room 329 at I.S. 259 looks like your typical classroom.
Step inside, and the eighth-grade students are running a virtual business, with five departments and 31 students.
They're selling bags inspired by those many students around the country are being forced to use in the wake of mass shootings, but these bags are a little different
"We've seen all over social media how students have been complaining about the transparent bags and how they lack their own privacy," says student Sara Vranici.
Their solution is an optional cloth lining. So, when students aren't in school and they don't want their personal belongings visible to strangers, they will have privacy.
Although the items are not for sale, it’s all part of the classroom, thanks to a nonprofit called Virtual Enterprises International. The program helps high school and middle school students learn real world skills, preparing them for the business world.
"And the purpose of this program is for them to take complete ownership and run the business from head to toe," says teacher Joanna Gillen.
Gillen says its shown her how much teens are capable of.