Witness gives insight into gang life at 'Junior' Feliz murder trial

A key witness gave insight into the gang the two defendants accused in the death of Lesandro "Junior" Guzman Feliz are allegedly a part of.
The jury heard testimony from Kevin Alvarez, an admitted gang member who says he was at the scene when 15-year-old Feliz was stabbed to death outside a Bronx bodega.
In court, Alvarez identified both defendants Diego Suero and Frederick Then as the leaders of the Los Suro gang, a sect within the Trinitarios.
He gave the jury an inside look into gang life, which included attending required meetings, protecting leadership from rival gangs and following orders to prove yourself worthy, which often meant committing violent acts.
Alvarez also testified that the gang's weapon of choice was a knife or a machete because it was a tougher and quieter way to assault someone.
Prosecutors intend to prove that Suero and Then gave orders to go out and kill rival gang associates the night Feliz was brutally stabbed to death in 2018.
Authorities believe the Bronx teen was targeted in a case of mistaken identity.
The defense told the jury that Alvarez decided to testify against their clients after making a deal with the prosecution for time served.
Five members of the Trinitarios gang have been found guilty in Feliz's death. If convicted, Diego and Then will face 25 years to life in prison.
Testimony will resume Wednesday morning.