Witness: Rally against NYPD, MTA was hateful

One woman who witnessed the rally against the NYPD and the MTA Friday night said the protests were hateful.
News 12 spoke with the woman who watched the interactions between the protesters and police.

She says she believes in their message, but said what she saw felt more hateful than a demonstration, so she tried to diffuse the situation. But that's when the protesters turned their chants on her.
Protesters walked from Metro-Tech, down to BAM, the Barclays Center and then back up north. They took over the streets and shut down traffic along the way.
Their chants were at times graphic and their outrage was against the NYPD and the MTA after several incidents involving officers at subway stations. Most recently, a video showed a scuffle between several officers and one teen.
Friday night, the marchers ended up at the NYPD's Transit District at Hoyt Schermerhorn where those officers are assigned.
Police say there were acts of vandalism, with some police cars spray painted and at least one window shattered. However, no one was arrested.