Woman apologizes after claiming to call police on boy

A woman was confronted by angry community members Friday after she claimed a 9-year-old black boy touched her inappropriately in a Flatbush deli.
Theresa Klein, who is white, visited the Sahara Deli on Albemarle Road around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday from her apartment. She originally said that while she was at the counter, a young black boy touched her rear end as he was leaving.
In a video, that went viral and was filmed by neighbor Jason Littlejohn, Klein claimed to be on the phone with a 911 operator and made the boy, his sister and mother emotional.
Surveillance video shown Friday revealed it was the boy's backpack that brushed up against her.
As a father himself, Littlejohn says it was hard to watch.
Klein apologized after viewing the surveillance video but neighbors say it's too late to apologize.
She also says she's gotten death threats since the incident, while community members say they hope the boy is fine.
Police say they have no record of any 911 calls being made from the deli at that time and that they never sent officers to the scene.