Vigil held to honor life of man fatally shot at Duo Tapas Bar and Lounge in Yonkers

There is a growing demand for a Yonkers bar to be shut down following a deadly shooting outside the establishment on Sunday.
Officials say that the shooting of 22-year-old Antonio Antoine Fils was the last straw following a history of noise complaints outside of Duo Tapas Bar.
But workers, regulars and family members of Fils say this shouldn't be about the bar — but about stopping gun violence.
About 100 people attended a vigil Monday night for the victim.
"He was an amazing kid, everybody loved him," said his sister Melissa Roman. "He was so funny, he was so giving, he was such a sweet boy. He did not deserve this."
And that's why officials say they want to call an end to the unwelcome bustle the community says the bar brings.
They are demanding the State Liquor Authority to revoke the bar's license and shut it down.
The State Liquor Authority says the tragedy prompted an immediate investigation and are working closely with Yonkers police to get all that's necessary for it.
But Roman, the victim's sister and bar owner's girlfriend, says that's wasted energy.
"This is not the owner's fault. [Fils] was like his son, he's devastated,” she says, "He doesn't care about reopening guys, he just cares about Antonio and grieving, you guys are worried about the wrong things. This is about Antonio, this is about justice and stopping gun violence, because that's what's going on here, gun violence."
The bar's future is still in question. The State Liquor Authority says the investigation is ongoing and at its conclusion, it will take all appropriate actions.