Young fans celebrate PBS show 'Alma's Way' at Grand Central Terminal

Young fans of the PBS show “Alma's Way” gathered at Grand Central Terminal on Saturday to be part of the story.
The party hosted activities for the children, including photos with Alma, and performances of Puerto Rican dances and music.
The main character of the show is 6-year-old girl, Alma Rivera, from the Bronx, who encounters scenarios that challenge the minds of young viewers.
"You need to listen to your thoughts because if you don't, you might make a wrong decision, and you don't want to make that happen," says Summer Rose Castillo, the voice of Alma.
The event this weekend was meant to help launch season two. There were educational games and an opportunity to see the special 6 Train Alma rides in the show.
Sonia Manzano who created Alma’s Way, and worked on Sesame Street says the show is a reflection of when she was a child.
"I used my mind when I was a 'chicita' to hide in, to think things through, to figure things out about the world,” says Sonia Manzano