Young TikTok star giving back for the holiday season

As the holiday season is in full swing, one young boy turned TikTok superstar is giving back in a big way. 
Seven-year-old Tariq went viral this past summer over his love of corn, and now he is teaming up with City Harvest to help feed the community.  
The video making Tariq famous was a conversation with Recess Therapy in August 2021, and has since garnered millions of views with the 7-year-old garnering the nickname “The Corn Kid”. 
“Ever since that last TikTok went viral, I’ve been traveling around the world,” said Tariq. 
His latest travels bring him back home to Brooklyn, where he is helping those in New York City experience the tastiness of his favorite food. He is joining forces with Green Giant to donate 90,000 cans of vegetables to those in need via City Harvest, including 50,000 cans of corn. 
“It makes me feel good,” said Tariq. “Really good inside my tummy.” 
The generous donation comes as visits to food pantries and soup kitchens are sitting at 70% above pre-pandemic levels.