2 Brooklyn teens co-found nonprofit to help overcome social anxiety

Two Catholic school students in Brooklyn have turned their love for community service into a mission. In July 2021, 13-year-olds Angelina Aviles and Giuliana Astore decided to create their own nonprofit organization, Care 2 Create, as a way to give back in Bay Ridge. 
Through community service events held by the nonprofit, both girls say they learned to overcome their social anxiety. 
"I would only talk to Angelina, and she was the only person I really spoke to, and now I am more social with my classmates, and I have more friends," Astore said.
Both Aviles and Astore now are accustomed to knocking doors across private businesses in Bay Ridge as they work to raise money for local church food pantries, including St. Athanasius.
Brooklyn-based attorney Howard Logan, a co-worker of Aviles' mother, heard about their mission and felt compelled to help. Logan donated $1,000 to Care 2 Create on Friday after he was informed their pantry funding was running out.
"I was impressed by their efforts. I hope everyone will donate, but in the meantime, here’s a $1,000 check for your organization, you can buy supplies or whatever you need," Logan said.
Care 2 Create is currently seeking out more volunteers to join in their efforts to volunteer across New York City.