Academy Award-nominated director returns to Brooklyn for children’s book launch

Darren Aronofsky, Coney Island local and Academy Award-nominated director, returned to his old middle school for the launch of his new children’s book.  
Not only did the students at Mark Twain I.S. 239 get to meet the famous director, but they all received autographed copies of his new book “Monster Club”. 
The book was released two days ago, and Aronofsky says it’s a reflection of his life on his old stomping grounds. 
“Me and a bunch of friends had a monster club when we were kids, which we would just draw monsters and fight them, and I always thought wouldn't it be cool if those monsters came to life,” said Aronofsky. “And then we just decided to bring real magic into magic markers and see what happens." 
After students performed a scene from "Monster Club" in front of the author, the student actors said they felt motivated.  
“Seeing how he made it from being from Mark Twain to being a famous director, I could do that myself,” said one student.