Advocates, elected officials rally for better solutions for asylum seekers than Orchard Beach tents

Advocates and elected officials rallied together Friday to call on Mayor Eric Adams to provide better solutions for housing asylum seekers than the migrant tents being built in Orchard Beach.
Those rallying told News 12 they feel the city can do better and that the migrant tents were not the state-of-the-art facility that was promised.
"Is this how we want to welcome people who have gone through the jungle and experienced possibly the worst nightmare that any of us would ever have to face and when they get here that's what they are welcomed with,” said Council Member Catalina Cruz.
"We demand answers as to how this facility will be run and managed,” added Council Member Shahana Hanif. “The mayor is not above the law and must comply with the right to shelter mandates."
The plan elected officials want is to work together with the city to come up with better housing options as well as access to mental health support and job opportunities.
After the rally, a hearing from the Immigration Committee took on the topic of asylum seekers.