Antonio Reynoso holds the lead for Brooklyn borough president with 70K+ votes

Brooklyn-born and raised Antonio Reynoso is holding the lead with more than 70,000 of the votes for Brooklyn borough president.
"I am a poor boy who was on welfare, Section 8, food stamps. My mother came from Dominican Republic with nothing in her pockets," Reynoso said. "I just had a son six months ago and have not had any parental leave, I have abandoned my family and it's one of all the sacrifices I made for this borough, and I am so thankful to my wife, my family and to this borough for everything they've given me and I'm ready to continue to give back to Brooklyn."
"This has been a long arduous journey, but clearly one worth making, one with a vision, one with a mission to unite the borough," Robert Cornegy Jr. proclaims. "We're waiting for those numbers because tonight, we probably won't get the results because of ranked choice voting and because of absentee ballots being counted as we speak. So, we're here tonight to celebrate his journey and everybody who stood with me on the journey. Tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day we'll be celebrating victory but tonight we celebrate all of you and your commitment to this campaign."
Right now, the apparent winner of the 34th District council seat, which was held by Reynoso, is his chief of staff Jennifer Gutierrez.