Autism Fashion Show shows children with special needs can do big things

Children with autism from the Bronx got the opportunity to walk the runway and show off their fashion during the Autism Fashion Show on Sunday.
Puzzle Life Voice organized the show. It's a Bronx-based organization that helps, supports and puts on events for children with autism, as well as spread awareness on the medical condition.
There were plenty of smiles and one mother, Bell Perez, said she was ecstatic at seeing her daughter walk down the blue carpet.
"Our children are uniquely different, but they're gift in every aspect of life. You'd be surprised and amazed at what they can do and what they're capable of," Perez said .
"To see them recognized for something so big and they're usually not used to getting that. We're pushing them to the front instead of keeping them in the back," said President of Puzzle Life Voice Liza McLean.
All the money raised will go to more projects and events to help children with autism.
McLean said they hope to make this fashion show an annual event and to include adults with disabilities.