Pleasant Sunday in New York City; highs around 63

Storm Watch Team meteorologist Allan Nosoff says there will be a prolonged stretch of above-average temperatures for the next several days.
SUNDAY:  Sunny to partly cloudy. A tad milder. Highs around 63. Lows down to 54.
HALLOWEEN: Partly-to-mostly cloudy. Isolated showers possible after 3PM, a few showers possible for trick-or-treating. Best chance at night. Highs near 66. Lows down to 60.
TUESDAY: A lingering shower early, otherwise partly cloudy and warm. Highs near 71. Lows down to 56.
MIDWEEK: Mostly sunny and trending warmer than normal! Highs in the 60s to near 70. Lows in the mid-50s.