Bedford to Broadway program puts students on path for jobs in the theater

Several students at a high school in Bed-Stuy are trying to put their best foot forward in a new program that aims to help them accomplish their Broadway dreams.  
The Bedford to Broadway program hopes to put these Bedford Academy High School students, like Madison Jackson and Daniyah Rollins, on the track to achieving their Broadway career aspirations, both on stage and behind the scenes.  
“I went to arts in middle school, and they had acting and drama,” said Madison Jackson. “I’ve always wanted to focus on that.” 
“Writing, because you don’t have to be on stage,” said Rollins.  
This program is unique for the students of Bedford Academy, which is known for being a math and science school.  
“We understand that we have to diversify our position and now include the arts,” said Bedford Academy principal Adofo Muhammad. “[It’s] a critical component to our student’s outcome.” 
Before these scholars take the theater world by storm, they’ll still need to focus on their assignments – one of which is to see the musical “Death of a Salesman” next week.