'Broadway of the Bronx.' Allerton offers rich history and character

Unique architecture, graffiti art murals and streets filled with diversity are just a taste of Allerton's character.
"I call it the Broadway of the Bronx," says Gene DeFrancis, founder of the Allerton International Merchants Association. "It's one of the first roads, if not, the first road that cuts directly across the Bronx. It goes all the way up to Boston and Route 1 goes all the way down to Florida."
The pre-war buildings and businesses that have stood the test of time can transport visitors to the history of the area named after 19th century settler Daniel Allerton.
Make sure you check out the former United Workers Cooperative— more commonly known as The Coops or the Allerton Coops.
The Tudor-style apartment building complex is a city and national landmark.
"A group of Jewish textile workers got together, bought the land, bought the property and moved in. It was a cooperative among the Jewish community," says DeFrancis.
Looking to grab a bite? Pick from nearly any cuisine in the area, including the Allerton meat market, the long-standing fish market and Roma Pizza.
No visit to the area is complete without paying your respects at the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto at St. Lucy's Church, a replica of the pilgrimage site in Lourdes, France.