Bronx activist says police, community need to come together to curb violence

An anti-crime activist from the Bronx says that she is against defunding the police, especially in the wake of an uptick in gun violence in the city.

News 12 Staff

Jul 6, 2021, 2:20 AM

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An anti-crime activist in the Bronx says the last thing the borough needs is less police officers. Founder of No Voice Unheard Melody Jimenez says unity is key, and she wants to find a way to bring the Bronx and the badge together.
"There's a lot of crime happening in the Bronx. There are shootings every day. And we can't police ourselves. We need authorities to come into our communities and help us," Jimenez says.
Bronx-raised Jimenez is a straight shooter when it comes to talking about preventing crime in the borough.
"Why would we defund officers who come out here and risk their lives?" she asks. "There's a lot of money in these streets for cure violence orgs and nothing is changing."
Through her organization No Voice Unheard, Jimenez's one simple goal is unity by any means necessary.
She wants to make it clear that Black Lives Matter and police brutality will not be tolerated, but believes the current climate of tension between police and the people isn't the best way to keep the community protected.
Jimenez works closely with Bronx youth and sees the division first hand. She says the kids she mentors have so much going on from wondering what high school they'll get into to being terrified of being murdered by officers.
Jimenez adds she wants the community to reciprocate and treat the officers with respect.
"They are getting disrespected. They are told we want to defund you, they are getting cursed out all day. These are human people that put on a badge to do a job. Let's not forget that."
Jimenez is asking the police to show up to community events this summer so they can get to know who they are sworn to protect and serve.

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