Bronx families celebrate Hispanic culture at the Latin Carnaval

Bronx families came out together on Sunday to celebrate the Latin culture with music, food, and activities at the Latin Carnaval.
"The theme is to promote the Latin culture, the arts and crafts, food," says Jose Tejada, founder and producer of the Carnaval De La Cultura Latina
The Carnaval De La Cultura was created to celebrate all aspects of the Latin community. 
Along with live performances, the Carnaval also provided booths to shop from. Including Jewelry, toys, clothing, bouncy houses, and a booth sponsored by the Nickelodeon show “Santiago for Kids.”
"In the Latin community, you have so many types of genres. You have bachata, merengue, salsa... we wanted to give the community all types of genres and be able for them to have a great time and enjoy the Bronx," said Max Escobar, the director of marketing and Latin strategy.
Tejada said the event has been taking place for the past 15 years but it didn’t arrive in the Bronx until 2018.
"By the end of today I expect to see people dancing, eating, having a great time. And just having a Sunday as a family. A safe happy Sunday," Tejada said.