Bronx River Houses residents say holidays were spent with no heat; some with no hot water

Senior residents say their holiday weekends were spent struggling against the cold in their own apartments, with some having no access to hot water.
Isaura Searg says the last two days in her home have been freezing, and that she's been forced to wear thick clothing and blankets to deal with the cold temperatures.
"How do you think my days have been, and how do you think I've been doing?" said Searg. "It's not easy here - its cold, so cold, and I'm a sick person, plus I'm handicapped."
Searg is not alone when it comes to no heat - fellow resident Ruth Mejia said her heat came back on in her apartment for the first time since Friday.
"I didn't feel good at all, I was like this – shaking," said Mejia. "I was so scared I was gonna get sick or catch something because it was so cold."
According to tenants, the heating issues started when a hot water pipe burst on the fifth floor, flooding some apartments.
Georgina Abreu lives next door to where the pipe burst, and says the water flooded into her apartment and caused her feet to burn.
On Thursday morning, residents will be gathering to voice their struggles in hopes of being heard by the New York City Housing Authority.
News 12 has reached out to NYCHA for a comment and is awaiting their response.