Brooklyn-based celebrity stylist offers viral ‘Gorilla Glue girl’ a makeover

The viral video of a woman claiming she sprayed Gorilla Glue in her hair has caught the attention of a celebrity hair stylist who says incidents like this are more common than you think.
Brooklyn-based hair master Neal Farinah watched the viral sensation, along with millions on social media, as Tessica Brown was in a sticky situation.
"I was like wow she is in trouble…this is a mistake, this is a bad mistake she had made," Farinah says.
The industrial-strength Gorilla Glue, which is used to bind ceramic, glass and wood, left Brown with hair like a helmet for a month.
Farinah, who has been a stylist for Beyonce and Mary J. Blige, says don't laugh too hard at Brown, because this could be anyone.
"There's so much product that's out here now that's so destructive to a client's hair and their scalp, and I think there's more education needed," he says.
While many made a mockery of Brown’s distress, Farinah turned to social media to share his 30 years of hair care experience.
"I want to make her happy, and if it's flying out there and doing a nice makeover with her, to help her out, that's what I want to do personally," he says.
While the Louisiana woman has since received the surgical help she much needed, Farinah says things could've been a lot worse.
"It could of developed psoriasis, psoriasis that could cause the hair from not growing, and she could've ended up with bald spots that would never grow back, and it is very serious," he says.
The stylist says this serves to a lesson to all to read before you apply and end up with your own hair nightmare.