Brooklyn restaurant offering custom mocktails to support Dry January

"Dry January" might mean giving up alcohol but, it doesn't have to mean giving up fun, freshly shaken drinks. Kokomo Carribean Restaurant located in Williamsburg, has begun offering custom made "mocktails" this month to normalize giving up alcohol and living a healthy lifestyle. 
"We noticed people have started coming in and asking for more mocktails, and I think it's because of dry January that people are coming in. And, we say 'Hey, have a mocktail!'," said co-owner of Kokomo Kevol Graham.
Graham who shook up a virgin pina colada behind the bar, says the restaurant's diverse menu includes flavors from all cultures of the Caribbean Islands, including dishes like jerk chicken, braised oxtail stew and jackfruit tacos. 
He thought, "Why not use those same island flavors to make drinks tastier, while being alcohol-free?"
"We are inspired by Carribean rich flavors so, we have guava, we have coconut, passion fruit is one of my favorites," said Graham.
Kokomo's staff says mocktails have become very popular on their menu, and plan to offer them year-round even long after Dry January.