Brother, activists mark what would have been George Floyd's birthday

The brother of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter activists across the city gathered Wednesday to mark what would have been his 47th birthday.
Terrence Floyd and activists gathered in front of a mural of George Floyd in Canarsie for what they called a bittersweet celebration.
The group continued their call for justice in George Floyd's death.
Terrence Floyd says his mission is to make sure his brother did not die in vain.
"Unfortunately, I am not able to call him or tell him happy birthday or give him a hug, but I know he is good," said Terrence Floyd. "We will be here in the beginning, we will be here in the middle, and in March we will be at the trial. We are not going to stop until every officer is in jail for the rest of their life."
Wednesday was day two of their eight days of action in George Floyd's memory. On Tuesday, protesters blocked off the Brooklyn Bridge for more than eight minutes.