Brownstone homeowners put on annual tour, use proceeds to help students attend college

Several Brownstone homeowners in Bedford-Stuyvesant are allowing people to tour their beautiful houses and are also giving back to those in need with the proceeds.
The 44th annual house tour in the area will have the money generated to help kids be able to attend college and towards several scholarships.
"To be a brownstoner, is to be a community-minded person who's involved in the civic and social life of the community,” said Brownstone owner Monique Greenwood.
The tours are put on to emphasize the history and legacy of brownstone homes while preserving them for the future for the next generation.
"It's a labor of love, a lot of work, patience, a lot of time involved, and of course a lot of money,” added Bedford-Stuyvesant resident James Lomax.
The tours will be hosted until Dec. 11 and tickets are $20.