Bushwick residents say non-working streetlights have kept their neighborhood in the dark for months

Residents in a Bushwick neighborhood say they're tired of living in the darkness after months of having no streetlights on their block.
The impacted area is in Evergreen Avenue and Woodbine Street.
Residents say their street lights have been out for about six months.
The sidewalks are solely illuminated by a few dim house lights and the oncoming cars' headlights.
Residents say having no streetlights keeps them from going out at night as they can’t see where they’re going. Some even use flashlights to get around.
This can be especially difficult for the elderly who live on the block.
With no lights, trash has piled up on the streets because sanitation workers cannot see it.
Residents say they've called 311 numerous times, reached out to the borough president and their local community board, but nothing seems to change.
Now that summer is coming to end and the days are getting shorter, they say enough is enough.
News 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation and it said the repairs of the streetlights are currently underway, but it is a complex project that requires efforts from both the DOT and Con Edison.
The DOT said it is currently waiting for ConEd to reconnect the street lights to the electrical power.