Castle Hill resident demands fix to murky water problem in housing complex

A Bronx resident says she and her neighbors have been dealing with water issues in their Castle Hill development for two years.
Maxine Breeden is a resident of Jamie Towers, and has been forced to take showers at her son’s Throgs Neck apartment because of the murky water in her apartment.
“You can’t bathe for maybe three to four days because it’s so dark,” said Breeden, showing News 12 the murky and dark water.
Back in 2020, Breeden showed News 12 her running faucet and used a baby wipe to show the particle matter coming out of her tap. Two years later, she says not much has changed to provide the residents with clean water.
“Jamie Towers will lie to you, they will tell you construction is going on in the building that is causing this,” said Breeden. “We have not had construction for two full years, but this water condition continues to remain the same.”
News 12 reached out to Jamie Towers on the phone, who said that new filters were recently installed in units but refused to comment any further.