City Council demands MTA more regularly inspect 11,000+ cameras in subway system

This resolution comes one day after Frank James pleaded guilty to terrorism in the subway shooting from April of last year. He shot 10 people.

News 12 Staff

Jan 4, 2023, 10:31 PM

Updated 528 days ago


The City Council is calling on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to increase the frequency of inspection on the over 11,000 security cameras in the subway system.  
This resolution comes one day after Frank James pleaded guilty to terrorism in the subway shooting from April of last year. He shot 10 people.  
Subway cameras failed to capture the attack because they were not working, and Queens Council Member Lynn Schulman said that Sunset Park incident spurred her to sponsor this resolution.  
The call will demand the MTA inspect every subway station surveillance camera at least once a quarter to ensure they’re working properly and that necessary repairs can be quickly done. This comes as the MTA plans to expand the use of subway cameras, installing at least two in each subway car by the end of 2025.
“If I’m going to ride the subway, I always look to see where the cameras are,” said Schulman. “If they’re not working, that’s not security for me, so if somebody does something that’s a problem… that happens more often than you think.” 
Schulman said this will go to the City Council’s transportation committee, with a hearing and vote down the road.

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