City, Stony Brook University announce major renovations for Governors Island as part of green initiative

Mayor Eric Adams and Stony Brook University have announced that Governors Island will be going greener – becoming the epicenter in New York to fight the climate crisis.
Officials released photos for the vision for the New York Climate Exchange, including a renovated Yankee pier leading up to a renovated public plaza.
The Center for Climate Solutions Initiative will be focused on researching and developing innovative climate solutions. This will not only be for New York City, but as a ​global initiative.
The $700 million, 400,000 square-foot campus will host 600 post-secondary students, 4,500 K-12 students, 6,000 workforce trainees and, with the incubator program on site, will support 30 businesses a year.
The mayor says this is a giant leap toward a cleaner and greener future. Along with groundbreaking research, the mayor says this green plan will create 7,000 permanent jobs and have a $1 billion economic impact on the city.