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Cleanup underway following parapet collapse in Williamsburg

No one was injured as a result of the partial collapse.

Shniece Archer

May 22, 2024, 9:36 PM

Updated 29 days ago


Cleanup is now underway following a partial building collapse in Williamsburg on Sunday.
Caution tape still surrounds the vacant building on the corner of Roebling and Hope streets, as cleanup crews work to stabilize the roof.
The Department of Buildings has approved a plan and is overseeing construction to stabilize the roof.
There's still a lot of bricks and debris along the sidewalk and in the street.
Nearby cameras caught the collapse, when bricks started falling from the roof and heavy brown smoke covered the area.
The Department of Buildings started removing parts of the parapet for safety and is making sure the sidewalk has overhead protection.
The DOB is also monitoring the cleanup efforts, but the timeline to have it all removed is up to the contractors. The fire department tells News 12 the five-story building has sat vacant for two years. They also said they had been called to the building before for structural issues.
Starting this year, buildings with parapet walls facing a public right of way must have the parapets checked out at least once a year.
If there's unsafe conditions, building owners have to fix it within 90 days. They also have to keep the reports for six years and make it available for the DOB.
The building has to sit vacant, but there's no timeline on when the damage will be cleaned up.
No one was injured as a result of the partial collapse.

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