Community event brings infant mortality rate to light in the Bronx

Activists and community organizations joined together on Wednesday to bring attention to the Bronx’s high infant mortality rate.  
The Strollin For Life event brought activists and neighbors together at Walter Gladwin Park, with the message that “Bronx Babies Matter!”
Data from the New York City Department of Health shows that the Bronx has the highest infant mortality rate among the five boroughs. It shows the three-year average infant mortality rate was the highest in Queens Village and East Tremont.  
Strollin For Life, set up by the Bronx Healthy Start partnership through the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, aims to educate Bronx parents and work to fight against these troubling statistics.  
Bronx Healthy Start is working with elected officials to get a council assembled in Albany that focuses on infant mortality by looking at social and health factors to help fight the issue.