Community groups frustrated Atlantic Yards Development falling far behind schedule

Community organizations and residents are frustrated over delays with the Atlantic Yards Development in Downtown Brooklyn.
According to the Atlantic Yards Project Contract, developers have missed their deadlines and have not resumed construction.
"The Atlantic Yards Project was first proposed by Bruce Ratner as part of acquiring the New Jersey Nets at the time and bringing them to Brooklyn in 2003,” says Michelle de la Uz, of the Fifth Avenue Committee.
Housing, hoops and dreams was the sales pitch for the Atlantic Yards Project in 2003.
In the contract states the development was supposed to bring many jobs for Brooklyn residents, open space, an urban room and over 6,000 units of housing - including affordable housing 2,250 units.
Members of the Prospect Heights Development Council told News 12 about the extent of the delays.
"They have to complete all 2,250 units by May of 2025 or pay $2,000 a month for every unit that's delayed forever. So right now, with those 877 apartments that haven’t been built, that would be $1.75 million a month,” says Gib Veconi, of the council.
By May of 2022, the urban room was supposed to be built as a two-story infrastructure that connected from the Barclays Center to Atlantic Station. However, the planned site of the building remains all open ground as of July 2022.
"It's not like the Atlantic Yards Project is no more, it's that the Empire State Development Corporation has not enforced and ensured that the public benefits that were promised are going to be met,” de la Uz says.
Empire State Developers told News 12 in a statement, "While the existing plaza in front of the Barclays Center has become an indispensable public space and serves as an important public benefit, ESD acknowledges the importance of ensuring that this developer honors the commitments it promised to the community. ESD will work with the developer and the community to expand access to public space and advance the next phases of this critical project."