East Ramapo parents take the stand at board meeting over school-provided meals

Parents in East Ramapo took the mic at a school board meeting to say they're outraged over what their kids are being fed in school.  
One father, Luis Nivelo, is facing a restraining order from a board member after he brought in a bad apple to give to the board.  
“This is the apple that you give to our innocent children,” says Nivelo.  
Community advocate Terry Rodriguez has been hearing similar complaints about the food for years. 
“I cried at the board meeting because these are in fact our children from the community going there and eating this food,” says Rodriguez.  
Students also took to the mic to share their food stories. 
“They give us food that’s rotten,” says one student. “It’s cold and hurts my stomach.”
The superintendent of schools says that they met with the food service provider. 
“We are working closely with the vendor to ensure that we’re doing everything possible to provide appetizing meals for these children,”says the superintendent.
Parents continue to ask the district to serve students with what they deserve. 
"They need to hear that voices do matter, the voices do count,” says Rodriguez. “They should provide decent meals for these children."