El Museo Del Barrio, museum highlighting Latino art and culture, reopens after shutdown

El Museo Del Barrio is welcoming people back with masks and social distancing to experience their latest exhibition “Taller Boricua,” a political printshop in New York.
Taller Boricua, also known as the Puerto Rican workshop, is a nonprofit organization in New York City.
This collection commemorates their work over the past 50 years in cultural empowerment and political activism through art.
"You can see it in the prints, how those prints really serve the purpose of providing a political education for the community and the diaspora,” says Rodrigo Moura, chief curator.
Bringing together more than a 150 pieces from sculptures to painting and prints, the museum’s chief curator explains the influence of this collective of artists.
"The impact of the Puerto Rican arts movement in New York is huge. It really changed the city. It really changed the way we experience the city; a lot of the visuals you see in the artworks of these artists are visuals that we see in the barrios of New York,” says Moura.
Moura calls their work an important contribution to art in the Unites States in that time. He says this history in this artwork continues to inspire Latino communities in New York today.