Westchester student helps small business recover from pandemic struggles

A high school student in Westchester has spent the last several months helping a small business keep its doors open. 
Jonathan Brewster, a senior at Hackley School in Tarrytown, saw how the pandemic was impacting the places he'd go to shop and eat – one of which being Golden Krust, a Caribbean fast-casual restaurant in Greenburgh. 
Owner Charmaine Golding says it has been a struggle to keep the lights on. 
“We had to find a way to get people to get their food even though they don’t want to come in person,” says Golding. 
Brewster says he wanted to do something to help the restaurant. 
Brewster applied to take part in the Zuckerberg Institute, which has a program called the Post-Pandemic Task Force where business leaders from around the country taught high school students entrepreneurship 101. 
Students would then create a plan to help a local business. Brewster was accepted and spent the summer helping with Golden Krust's digital marketing and online delivery. 
“I thought I could help get more people into the store,” says Brewster. “Get more traffic flowing.” 
Golding says she’s seen a spike in business and was able to keep her whole staff. 
“The impact they had and the exposure they gave us made a difference,” says Golding