FDNY: Garage fire razed exterior of Baychester residential building, multiple cars

A fire that started Sunday afternoon inside a parking garage of a Baychester residential building left multiple cars damaged as well as some apartments.
The fire started at around 3:30 p.m. on 3300 Palmer Avenue right off of I-95.
The fire erupted in the garage and the side of the building which completely charred the structure from bottom to top.
The FDNY said no one was injured.
It's unclear what exactly started the fire.
Citizen App video captured the moments FDNY crews battled the blaze.
Smoke damage could be seen on the exterior of several apartments as well as inside when looking through their windows.
The NYPD was still at the scene guarding the garage as of Sunday night as yellow tape kept people away from the area.
A News 12 crew also saw the Red Cross at the scene.