FedEx truck crash in Canarsie leaves 1 pedestrian pinned; 3 people transported to hospital

A FedEx truck lost control and went up onto the sidewalk and into a family’s front yard in Canarsie on Wednesday.
The FDNY says that the truck struck a person who was outside, and that the person needed to be removed from underneath the vehicle. They say three people in total were brought to Brookdale Hospital.
Police say that the FedEx truck was traveling eastbound at the intersection of 102nd Street and Glenwood Road, when the truck collided with an Infiniti SUV.
The female driver of the FedEx truck was ejected and transferred to Brookdale in critical condition. Three others at the scene suffered minor injuries, and there are no arrests at this time.  
The FedEx driver remained on the scene but would not speak to News 12 about the incident. Police say they are still investigating the scene.
FedEx provided News 12 with this statement:
"Our thoughts remain focused on the well-being of those involved in this incident. The safety of our team members is our top priority, and we are fully cooperating with investigating authorities."