Female-owned beer brewery opens in Williamsburg

Talea Brewery in Williamsburg is pioneering the beer industry as one of nearly 50 breweries in the city owned by women.
Opening just weeks ago, the brewery doubles as a taproom and a cafe. It offers customers both coffee and flights of their specialty beer.
Cofounder Tara Hankinson says the business first started out selling their brews in supermarkets in 2019, before eventually expanding to their location at Richardson Street.
A majority of the employees at the brewery are also women, which Hankinson says is a coincidence, but she adds that representation in the male-dominated industry is important.
As Hankinson and her cofounder Leann Darland reach a historical achievement, she says she is hoping to be an example to others who wish to break barriers.
The location in Richardson Street is the first brewery for Hankinson and her cofounder, and she says she's hoping to open another taproom in the city in the future.