Former NYPD sergeant who shot man in face gets probation

A former NYPD sergeant who shot a Brooklyn man in the face was sentenced to several years of probation Thursday-- on multiple charges of tampering with evidence.
A jury sentenced former Sgt. Ritchard Blake to five years of probation after pleading guilty to two charges of tampering with evidence in the shooting of Thavone Santana. The incident happened last year in East New York.
Police say Blake initially claimed Santana threatened and tried to rob him, but that surveillance video shows a different story. In the video from August of 2018, Blake and Santana are seen arguing.
Later, Blake is seen taking out a gun and shooting Santana in the mouth, before placing a knife next to his body.
Blake later picked up the knife after noticing the surveillance camera. Santana, who came to court to witness the sentencing, has since had to have his mouth reconstructed with wire.
Police say Blake was already on probation at the time for a domestic incident. They also believe that the shooting may have had to do with an ongoing dispute with Santana's family and Blake's girlfriend.
Blake was fired from the police department earlier this year.
The district attorney's office says in part, "This defendant is being held accountable for his troubling behavior. He admitted to tampering with evidence in a failed attempt to frame another person and is no longer a member of the NYPD."
News 12 reached out to Santana's family, but they have declined to comment.